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Before we get started with Alternator rebuild kits, let’s take some time for a crash course on everything you need to know about the vehicle, and the general knowledge base of charging systems.

Is your car being really stupid and you don’t know why ? Are you having an electrical problem and you don’t really know what’s going on, but you wish you did? Is it my starter? Is it my alternator/ voltage regulator, or could my battery be causing the problem? These are questions that befall many millions of car owners since the invention of the wheel.

The articles of this site are designed specifically for YOU! Just start by reading Basic Concepts.

It will cover the most important facts to understanding the general steps that you DO want to for sure DO. As well as some very important mistakes that you really DON’T want to make when working on your car. You can save yourself a huge amount of time, aggravation and possibly a lot  $ coin $ so move on and read Starting and Charging Systems.

One of the most popular kits that our customers need are the Ford 3G kits, so we published an article for those vehicles. But… no matter what type of vehicle you have, Do I Have an Alternator Problem?  is also applicable to all vehicle owners. The symptoms we describe, and the overall advice on this page helps you develop a “common sense” for decision making when you realize you have a problem, and your pockets are not that deep.

Then, if you really want to know what the experts know (at least they’re supposed to) you can read all about How an Alternator Works and what it’s specific place in the functionality of your vehicle is. We also cover some of the major components of the alternator, like the rotor and the diodes. You can also learn and see short video on soldering technique and fluxes. You HAVE to read the simple steps on how to Check My Charging System.

Once you’ve determined you have an alternator problem, see our info on How to Remove an Alternator and How to Install an Alternator. We will guide you through the kit selection process, show you how to check pin voltages on your vehicle to further isolate the cause of a charging system malfunction, then show you our exclusive multi- view best pics on the web, so that you can visually identify your exact alternator. All for free. When you work with alternators, you also work with batteries so we provide Batteries and How to Charge a Battery.

Then, if you decide to buy a kit , we will provide to you free of charge, the specific to your vehicle video on how to completely rebuild your own alternator at home with common tools. Our promise to you is this “If you possess the skills and the tools to remove your own alternator from your vehicle, then you possess the ability to rebuild your own alternator at home.”

We have the largest variety of alternator rebuild kits on the web. Many selected USA made parts are in our warehouse ready to ship. Plus, our support team of actual electrical rebuilders (not web site builders) can contact you if you have any questions.

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