How to install an alternator?

How to install an alternator

There are a few steps in order to make your installation a successful one.  Make sure to follow these steps I am about to reveal to you to make this process easier.

1. Disconnect your battery cable from the negative terminal.

2. The battery needs to be completely charged.

3. Install alternator and alternator mounting bolts.

4. Install all electrical connections.

5. Install belt according to drawing or vehicle sticker.

6. Make sure ignition is off, install negative battery terminal. If battery is being completely re-installed, always install negative terminal last.

7. Place voltmeter on battery, it should read over 12.5 but under 13.5VDC. If it reads too high turn the headlights on for a minute then retest.

8. Start car. Check voltage. It should read 13.2-15VDC. Allow car to idle for 2-3 minutes. Make sure ALL accessories (particularly rear de-fog and AC) are off.

9. Use EXTREME caution for the next step. Turn car off. Remove key from the ignition. Carefully feel temperature of alternator where the stator laminations are exposed. This is the area that is not aluminum, on the side of the alternator, right in the middle. This should not be getting so hot that you can’t hold your hand on it without getting burnt. It wil get warm but not so hot you couldn’t leave your hand on it for 10 seconds or so.

10. If it is too hot, the battery needs charged more. If it’s just getting warm with no accessories on after 2-3 minutes of idling and the voltage is 14-15VDC you’re done.


Your alternator should be completely installed at this point.  This is a general installation process for a more detailed one look for your car’s specific alternator installation manual.

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