How to remove an alternator?

How to remove an alternator

1. Disconnect negative battery cable from battery.

2. Charge battery. If you don’t have a charger, take the battery to be charged. Do NOT skip this step! (Even if the battery is new, even if the battery still starts the car, even if your headlights are still bright) A new voltage regulator installed on a somewhat discharged battery will suffer irreparable damage, then fail in as little as three months.

2. Draw a picture or find sticker under hood of belt system. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but most often proves to be a valuable time saver.

3. De-tension belt with proper tool and remove belt from alternator pulley. Most mechanics completely remove the belt from the vehicle to inspect it at this time.

4. Unplug and disconnect all wiring and cables. Use paint stick or colored tape to if re-installation could be confusing.

5. Remove alternator mounting bolts and remove alternator.

6. Thoroughly inspect area around alternator pulley. Any black fibers from the belt on the alternator itself should be considered either defective belt or tensioner.

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